STEP 1: Contacting us is the very first step. We will work with you and talk about the best method for you. Once we understand your goals, we can tailor the auction process accordingly .

STEP 2: When we meet we will talk about your needs, learn about your property and decide the most effective method of selling your property. If you decide that our company will benefit to your success then we contract to conduct your auction.

STEP 3: Our staff will work with you to start the process of Inventory, cataloging and advertising. Advertising is a very important key component. We advertise on 4-6 different Websites, Social Media, Newspapers, Emails, Signs, Flyers, among other methods as well. Promoting your auction is a key factor which will determine the success of your auction. Buyers are provided many different ways to bid such as: in person, phone, by absentee bids and in the near future, on-line.

STEP 4: Day of Auction – We take care of every step in the entire process from contract to closing. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your auction. Within 15 days after your auction we will present you with your money, less expenses & report on all items sold. We work to give you a successful event with integrity, honesty, professionalism and effectiveness.

  • is the fastest, most efficient, and most effective way to convert property into cash!
  • establishes the date, time, and place when the property will sell!
  • sells everything!
  • eliminates expensive carrying costs!
  • stimulates competitive bidding between motivated buyers!
  • often achieves more than the anticipated selling price!
  • eliminates time-consuming buyer/seller negotiations!
  • focuses the spotlight on your property! Brings many motivated buyers together at the same time and place!
  • is an effective price setting mechanism that
  • takes into account current market variables!
  • eliminates the need to speculate as to the fair market value of each individual item!

An auction is a fun way to shop, or to find an unusual item of special interest. Even though items are always sold to the highest bidder at an auction, customers always determine how much they are willing to pay because they can drop out of the bidding at any time.

So you have never been to an auction before. Maybe you are afraid to go because you thought you might buy something if you scratched your nose. Maybe you thought you would not be able to understand what the auctioneer was saying. Put your worries aside and “catch the auction fever”.

When you first arrive at an auction, take time to inspect the items that are going to be sold. Then register for a bidder number with the Auction Clerk by showing them your Driver’s License. The bidder number will be used to identify you whenever you purchase an item.

The auctioneer will ask for an opening bid for each item that is being sold. You may raise your hand, nod, or get the auctioneers attention some other way to indicate your willingness to bid that amount. Or you may offer a lower opening bid. Once the auctioneer has an opening bidder, he will start his chant at that opening bid and ask for a higher bid. The auctioneer will continue asking for incremental increases until the bidding stops. At that point the auctioneer will sell the item to the highest bidder. Keep in mind you can stop bidding at any time if an item is selling for more than you wish to pay.

The auctioneer’s chant will be composed of numbers and filler words. The auctioneers chant is necessary in order create interest in the auction and create a rapid pace that will sell a large number of items in a relatively short period of time. Each Auctioneer generally sells 100-15 items per hour.

The numbers are an incremental counting such as 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. (and represent the amount of money that has been bid or is being asked to be bid). The numbers are the important thing to listen to, and bidders generally have no problem understanding the numbers. A typical auction chant would sound something like “I’m a 10 dollar bidda now 15, 15 will you bid a 15.”

Whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller….the best sound at an auction is the word “SOLD!”

Most first time auction goers tell auctioneers that they had no trouble understanding what the auctioneer said, and they also stated that they wished they had attended an auction sooner!

Do not be afraid to ask someone on the auctioneer’s staff if you are not sure of what the bid is, if you do not understand the auctioneer, or if you need help understanding the auction process. Before leaving the auction, pay for your purchases at the Cashier’s table. The very nature of the auction business places the auctioneer in a dual role. Auctioneers are (first and foremost) fiduciary agents for their clients, and as such they have specific legal responsibilities to their clients.  Auctioneers are also directly involved in working with and selling to their customers in an open, public, competitive arena. Few professionals have these multiple relationships with both clients and customers. Professional auctioneers realize that their success is dependent upon both the clients and the customers, and they work hard to please both and to do a professional job for both.