Prehistoric Mastodon Ivory Tusk – Preview w/Auction TBA
Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM – Mar 16 @ 9:31 PM

We are almost ready to set an actual Auction Date for this Prehistoric Mastodon Ivory Tusk in the next few weeks.  We will post the auction date details as soon as we can.  

Our Client & owner of this tusk has always been an avid hunter.  However, his largest trophy and most unique find was in 1961, when he uncovered this large fossil Mammoth Mastodon Ivory Tusk, while digging in a gravel pit in the Milford (Miamiville/Camp Dennison) area of Clermont County in SW Ohio. The 53” long Tusk has been privately on display at his home ever since. (Camp Dennison was a Union Army training camp during the American Civil War, located in the town sixteen miles northeast of Cincinnati.)


Length – Outer curve length: 53” & Inner curve length: 44”

Narrow end Dimensions: Circumference 13.5” & Diameter 4”       

Widest end Dimensions: Circumference 21” & Diameter 6.5”

End Dimensions:  Widen End Diameter: 6.5″  Tip End Diameter: 4.5″

The larger ends of the tusk started to flake a few years after he had it. To prevent mess and further deterioration, he filled the cap with fiberglass resin. Other than that, this tusk has not been polished or altered from the original condition that he found it.



53″ Prehistoric Mammoth Ivory Tusk